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About Pete’s Machine

 Pete’s Machine, LLC is a fully capable CNC machining and CMM measurement service, and was founded on September 29th, 2017.  Inspired by the memory of Progressive Foundry’s former owner, Pete VanKirk, Pete’s Machine aids in bringing Progressive Foundry’s and other manufacturers’ parts to a machined and assembly ready status.  Pete’s Machine’s 36,000 sq. foot facility is located directly across the street from Progressive Foundry, making it easy for Progressive Foundry to produce, machine, and paint its customers’ castings in one smooth operation.  In the near future, Pete’s Machine hopes to add more machinery, and become capable of adequately serving large production orders for many customers.


Our Capabilities



• 1 – Toyoda Stealth 1165 Vertical CNC Mill (51.2" x 25.6" Table)

• 1 – Doosan Lynx 2100L Automatic Lathe

• 1 – Summit Vertical Drill Press

• 1 - Manual Lathe Machine

• 1 – Zeiss Contura 700 x 700mm Bridge Coordinate Measuring Machine Services


• Drilling and tapping

• Turning

• Machine facing and boring

• Part measurement via CMM

• Jig fixture design and construction


Contact Us

If you are interested in having us quote machined or CMM measured parts for you, or are interested in learning more about Pete’s Machine, please email us or give us a call!


Kirk VanKirk




Zach Snow

Lead Machinist



Kory Fellom

lead Machinist

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