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About Panhandler


Panhandler, LLC, a daughter business of Progressive Foundry, is a retailer of specialized cast iron cookware products.  The company was founded on August 21st, 2016 by Jackson VanKirk, the grandson of Progressive Foundry’s former owner, Pete VanKirk.  Growing up working in a family-run cast iron foundry, Jackson gained inspiration from his grandfather’s Progressive Foundry brand frying pan to create personalized, specialty frying pans.  Today, Panhandler sells three different collegiate athletic team pans, and the Progressive Foundry brand pan.  In the spring of 2017, Panhandler won an award at the Luther College Erdman Entrepreneurial Showcase for its creativity and sound business practices.  In the future, Panhandler hopes to make custom frying pans for more college athletic teams, businesses, and other organizations.


Products Sold

The University of Iowa “Hawkeye” frying pan


(Also available on authentic-brand.com)


Iowa State University “Cyclone” frying pan


(Also available on authentic-brand.com)


Luther College “Norse” frying pan


(Also available in the Luther College Bookshop, www.lutherbookshop.com)


Progressive Foundry Frying Pan


(Exclusively sold through Panhandler)


About Our Products


Each pan sold by Panhandler comes with the following specifications out of the box.


• 12 inch diameter

• 9lbs of weight

• Pre-seasoned and ready to cook

• Frying Pan care guide included



How To Buy Our Products


To order your very own Panhandler product, please call, text, or email us with the contact information below, or message our facebook page at www.facebook.com/VanKirk.Panhandler  Panhandler accepts cash, check, or credit card as valid payment.  Panhandler pans can be purchased at Progressive Foundry in Perry, IA, through our affiliated websites listed above, or shipped directly to you anywhere in the U.S. for an extra $15 shipping and handling fee.