About Northern Casting Sales and Services


Northern Casting Sales and Services was started in 2017 as an extensive metal casting solutions service.  A daughter company of Progressive Foundry, Northern Casting Sales and Services is intended to provide customers with casting solutions that Progressive Foundry cannot adequately serve. NCSS represents a conglomerate of foundries capable of producing cast products of various materials and sizes to meet customer specifications. Our sales representatives are well versed within the foundry industry, and will coordinate between foundries and clients to make projects run smoothly. Our goal is to be able to satisfy the casting needs of customers far beyond the medium sized, medium volume cast iron market that Progressive Foundry serves. If you are interested in finding out more about NCSS’s services and capabilities, please contact us with the information provided at the bottom of this page.


NCSS Casting Solution Capabilities


Steel Castings

Low carbon and low alloy grades, as well as stainless steel. We also provide a few higher alloy grades of steel. Mid to Low volume with about a 2,000 lb. maximum casting size. Sources range from no-bake to investment casting  processes.


Iron Castings

All grades of gray and ductile iron ranging from low volume to high volume. Casting sizes will range from a few ounces to 3,000 lbs.


Non-Ferrous Castings

Non-ferrous providers supply copper based alloys and many grades of  aluminum. Casting sizes range from ounces to 100 lbs. Green sand and no-bake molding processes used.


Meet Our Sales Team

Robert Levesque

Metallurgical Engineer/Technical Sales

email: seniorsque@aol.com

phone: 712-253-0227

Brian Stracke


email: bstracke@charter.net

phone: 608-445-4045

Jackson VanKirk


email: jvankirk@progressivefoundry.com

phone: 515-490-6373