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Customer Testimonials

Progressive Foundry values all of its customers, and aims to have long lasting relationships with the people it conducts business with.  We pride ourselves on providing high quality cast iron products to customers with on time delivery at a competitive price.  Found below are testimonials from a few of our customers stating the quality, reliability, and service Progressive Foundry provides to its clients.



“Progressive Foundry has been a business partner with American Valve & Hydrant for 25 years. When American Valve closed our foundry in 1993, Progressive Foundry worked alongside of our team and provided a smooth transition during the process of relocating parts from our foundry to theirs. Progressive Foundry is a past recipient of the American Valve & Hydrant Supplier of the Year award which is a reflection of their commitment to provide quality components and outstanding delivery performance. We appreciate the focus that this family owned business provides to our company. We enjoy our partnership with Progressive Foundry, we look forward to continuing our successful business relationship well into the future.”


-Pat Lowry, American Valve & Hydrant Manufacturing Company
Recipient of the 2012 & 2013 American Valve & Hydrant Supplier of the Year award


“Sharing our Common Values”

"Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems (TVBS) has been with doing business with Progressive Foundry since 2005.  Our relationship has grown into a very viable partnership.  Progressive Foundry is one of our top suppliers and has been recognized with awards from TVBS for their quality and on-time delivery.  We value Progressive and all of their employees who contribute to its success as a company.  It’s great to do business with a company who is like-hearted and shares our common values."


-Pam Hedgpeth, Tuthill Vaccuum and Blower Systems
Recipient of the 2017 All-In, All-Heart award.