Producer of Gray and Ductile Cast Iron
9001:2015 certified
Award Winning Quality and Delivery
up to 95 tons produced daily

Progressive Foundry is a high quality manufacturer of gray and ductile cast iron products, solely owned by the VanKirk family in Perry, IA, we are an ISO 9001:2015 certified jobbing foundry capable of providing cast iron products across a broad range of sizes, designs, and industries. From casting design to full production orders, our expert team and state of the art facility is ready to provide you consistently quality products, shortened lead times, and on time delivery. Progressive Foundry strives to provide its customers with industry leading customer service and agility within the marketplace.


The Progressive Advantage:

  • Superior Quality and On Time Delivery Rates
  • All Classes of Gray and Ductile Iron Produced (0.50 – 100lb Weight Range)
  • Fully Automated Match Plate Molding and Handling Machinery
  • Wide Annual Usage Ranging From 100 Up To 50,000 Pieces Per Year
  • Broad Range of Markets and Industries Served
  • Experienced In-House Customer Service Team
  • "One Stop Shop" Capabilities (Pattern Rigging, Core Making, Casting, Grinding, Machining, Primer Painting, and Boxing)
  • Outsourced Capabilities in Heat Treating, Austempering, and Powder Coat Painting
  • Lean Manufacturing Practices Ran by Odyssey ERP System
  • Family Operated Business Eliminating Errors in Communication
  • Nearly 100 Years of Cast Iron Foundry Experience